They’ve started!!!

28 Jul

Yes, the Olympics have started today. I’ve watched most the opening ceremonies over two time zones as the afternoon also involved work and a nap. LOL. I love the Olympics every time. I like the spirit behind getting the world together to celebrate one thing, in this case sport. The rest of the time I’m not really a sports person – I watch the occasional baseball or hockey game, skating competition or curling match but nothing serious. So why the Olympics?

Two reasons – Honestly, cheesy but the honestly, the spirit. I got a bit emotional when I saw Palestine then Syria come in. Both countries that have had a long road to get to these Olympic games. BTW, did anyone see South Sudan come in? They are supposed to be competing under the Olympic flag since the country doesn’t have an Olympic body yet (since it’s only a year old). Countries that are experiencing civil war and international disputes and questioned whether they should even exist all come together in sportsmanship. It makes the heart a bit soft.

My second reason – I love cheering on my country. Canada is not overtly patriotic, especially when compared to our southern neighbours, but that doesn’t mean we don’t feel it. The Olympic games give us a chance to show it. So locally — here’s a list of our athletes There are many more Canadians worth mentioning like Adam van Koeverden, Clara Hughes, Ian Miller (the oldest competitor for Canada at age 65), Alexandre Despatie and Dylan Armstrong.

Click here for the full schedule, including an easy link to each sport and the competitors. Cheers to Canada!!!

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One response to “They’ve started!!!

  1. sharynmunrovirtualassistance

    August 4, 2012 at 1:36 AM

    I was really impressed that it’s the first time that every team competing included female athletes and I think that’s an amazing milestone. It’s a pity Wojdan Shaherkani didn’t win her Judo bout, but I think that for a 16 year old, she’s done a lot just to make it to the Olympics. As have all the other women who are the first female athletes to compete for their countries.


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