Today: June 5, 2012

06 Jun

GOP blocks pay equity. Seriously??

Macaroni for $13.99 a box! 2nd seriously? That is ridiculous. There needs to be a way that government and private business can find a way to cut the costs, even if only by 25% (and even raise wages by 10% or more??). Perhaps a discount paid for fuel that is used to supply towns under 10,000 and above the 60th parallel? Perhaps a break on the GST rate for Northern citizens? I know people choose to live up there (and have forever) but we need and want people in all parts of our country. The Innu were the first to notice the melting of the polar ice caps. They were the ones that alerted the world to the blight of the polar bears. They will be ones to defend the land once the oil, gas, gold and diamonds are accessible. But we can’t make eating healthy out of reach of most people! This is happening in the south too but not to this extreme.

Poplar Hill Home town news: It’s just a shame that they have done away with the parade. I was in almost every year growing up through the school, Girl Guides or on my own. Somewhere I know there are pictures….

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  1. cupconversations

    June 6, 2012 at 1:29 AM

    Oh – and before anyone else makes the comment – Yes, I know that there are people who live up North who are not Innu. Some are First Nations, some are Causacian, some are Phillipino. Everyone has to pay the high grocery prices.


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