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Today’s News: June 7 2012 – Bags, Mister Rogers and the UN

Toronto banned the plastic checkout bag. It’s funny how that happened – Mayor Rob Ford wanted to get rid of the fee, council agreed and went one step further and got rid of the bags. Now he’s mad! Quite entertaining if you’ve never seen him get mad.

  • I too have an opinion on this – I don’t entirely agree. I think getting rid of plastic bags *IS* the way to go. I have so many around the house and contrary to popular belief, they are not recyclable. However, when the announcement came out I was listening to a call in show on CBC and a couple of small business owners called in. They were quite upset that there was little warning (fee is gone on July 1st, bags gone on January 1, 2013) and absolutely no consultation. They have tried the reusable bags in the past and customers have not been happy and they’ve taken their business elsewhere – not a good thing to keep our small businesses go (shop local!) It was not on the agenda and there was no public input. That is not the way that I think a government should work but it seems to be the trend. Stephen Harper has brought in EI and environmental changes with no consultation, nor it being on his election platform. Majority government and he thinks he can do what he wants. That’s what Rob Ford is pushing for as he is vocally speaking out about starting his election campaign (vote is in 2014) and “removing” members of council that disagree with him. You know, sometimes they both scare me…..

    It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood. Mister Rogers remixed!   Awesome!

    A disturbing fact: Canada ranks 53rd in the world for the number of peace-keepers deployed, just 42. We invented peacekeeping! Shouldn’t this be part of Canada’s military focus?

    And a note about yesterday’s entry. I can see what links my dear readers click and it’s amazing how many more clicked on the breasts link than any of the others….

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    Today’s News: June 6, 2012 NSFW today

    Ray Bradbury passed away today at the age of 91.
    I haven’t read much by Bradbury but I recognize his impact on the science fiction world. I applaud him for the social issues he brought forth 50 years ago in Fahrenheit 451. And I look forward to reading more (checked “Something Wicked This Way Comes” out of the library today). Do you have a favourite book by Bradbury? Why have his books made you think?

    Had this actual conversation with my husband this morning regarding Kelly Ripa’s “comedy” this morning with Neil Patrick Harrris. Breasts in Advertising Do you even notice any more? Do breasts actually encourage you to buy food products? Do you define yourself as a feminist?

    I’ve been trying to avoid the obvious story with Luka Rocco Magnotta. But there seems to be rash of dismemberment and cannibalism??? First a guy in Miami on bath salts (recently a copycat in Louisiana on same drug). Then a college student in Maryland and now Magnotta. What is with the rash of cannibalism??? Does it have anything to do with a new Hannibal Lector series coming to TV in the fall?

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    Today: June 5, 2012

    GOP blocks pay equity. Seriously??

    Macaroni for $13.99 a box! 2nd seriously? That is ridiculous. There needs to be a way that government and private business can find a way to cut the costs, even if only by 25% (and even raise wages by 10% or more??). Perhaps a discount paid for fuel that is used to supply towns under 10,000 and above the 60th parallel? Perhaps a break on the GST rate for Northern citizens? I know people choose to live up there (and have forever) but we need and want people in all parts of our country. The Innu were the first to notice the melting of the polar ice caps. They were the ones that alerted the world to the blight of the polar bears. They will be ones to defend the land once the oil, gas, gold and diamonds are accessible. But we can’t make eating healthy out of reach of most people! This is happening in the south too but not to this extreme.

    Poplar Hill Home town news: It’s just a shame that they have done away with the parade. I was in almost every year growing up through the school, Girl Guides or on my own. Somewhere I know there are pictures….

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